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Carnival of Conservative Conversations – August 2009 Edition

Posted on 02 August 2009 by Editor

Our call for articles for the August Edition of the Blog Carnival of Conservative Conversations has been a phenomenal success. We received submissions of close to 30 excellent articles, from which we picked the 16 best to publish and include in this edition. Among them articles from some of our favorite bloggers, including Scott Spiegel (, Rick Sincere (RickSincereThoughts) and Wenchypoo (WenchWisdom).

You can find all of the articles we’ve selected for publication at:

August Edition of the

Blog Carnival of Conservative Conversations

Concurrent with the posting of this edition, we will be opening the next (September) edition for new candidate articles. If you would like to have your thoughts, opinions, commentary or full article considered for publication in our September edition, or possibly even selected to be featured directly on our site, please use our carnival submission form.

Note also that we reserve the right to reject any submitted article, at our sole discretion. Usually this will occur if the subject of the article is not related to our carnival or if it contans spam or other blatant advertising (other than self promotion, which we strongly encourage). We also strive to publish a broad range of diverse opinions, including opposing views.

We hope you enjoy this edition and have an opportunity to provide us with your comments and feedback. In addition to posting your comments, you can also write our editor directly to

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