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The May 2010 CCC Blog Carnival

Posted on 05 May 2010 by Editor

Welcome to the May 2010 edition of the Naked Liberty Carnival of Conservative Conversations. As always, for our monthly Blog Carnival we select articles from a wide range of topics and expressing a broad range of opinions. This month is no exception.

Below you will find opinions, short editorials, commentaries and full articles on a variety of current topics. In addition to posting to our monthly Blog Carnival, we encourage you to submit your articles directly to our editor for possible posting on our site well in advance of the next carnival.

Please submit your articles, together with any specific attribution requirements and photograph by emailing our editor at

Scott Spiegel presents the following articles posted at Scott Spiegel

Crist Drops Out of GOP, Cites Political Health Reasons

Obama Nominates Bill Ayers for Court; Lindsey Graham Politely Requests More Liberal Candidate

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor… But Don’t Get Crazy

Steven and Debra presents the following articles  posted at The END TIMES Hoax

The Tea Party Elephant in the Room saying, “It’s big, smelly, and expensive to feed.”

The Love of Other People’s Money (Covetousness) is the Root of All Evil saying, “Are churches guilty of loving other people’s money?”

FEDs Boo Hoo Collateral Damage saying, “Putting the shoe on the other foot…ouch!”

Chris Bounds presents the following articles posted at Liberty Juice,

The Crisis saying, “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid – get a dose of Liberty Juice!”

Conservativism is on the rise, saying, “Hope and Change. That really was great campaign platform for Obama to run on. Given America’s sentiment towards Republicans and Washington politics in general, almost any Democrat could have won the 2008 Presidential election against a progressive like John McCain.”

cap and trade, cap and tax, senate saying, “Have you had enough? Either way – do not worry! Senate Democrats had so much fun shoving the health care bill down our throats, they are ready to do it again as early as April 26th with the Cap and Tax bill – oops, I mean Cap and Trade.”

Obama suggests VAT, saying, “A value added tax, or VAT for short, is something that has been floating around Washington for some time now as a solution to help the trillion dollar deficit woes. Most Americans probably do not know what a VAT is, considering it is a fairly recent European idea, but they are probably wondering how it will personally affect them and their families.”

Health Care Challenge, saying, “Extensive higher taxes, federal mandates to purchase health insurance, tax penalties for non-compliance, nationalization of the entire student loan industry, subsidized Viagra for rapists and sex offenders and much more – what is not to like about ObamaCare?”

Brittany Pounders presents the following articles  posted at Liberty Juice,

Dumbed Down & Messed Up, Pt 2, saying, “LibertyJuice was birthed in an effort to quench the thirst of all American Patriots who daily carry the torch to protect & defend our way of life, our freedom of expression & freedom from tyranny, and to those who passionately pursue the American Dream. We realize that knowledge is power and power quells the enemies of Liberty.”

Young People…Don’t Sleep Through the Revolution!, saying, “LibertyJuice was birthed in an effort to quench the thirst of all American Patriots who daily carry the torch to protect & defend our way of life, our freedom of expression & freedom from tyranny, and to those who passionately pursue the American Dream. We realize that knowledge is power and power quells the enemies of Liberty. Don’t drink the Koolaid- but visit us regularly for your daily dose of Liberty Juice!”

A Crusade Against Ignorance!

Wenchypoo presents the following article posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

If We Europeanize, Europe is in Trouble

smrtas1 presents the following article posted at Conservative Patriot HQ.

The VAT Tax Is A Great Idea

David Fryman presents the following article  posted at The Bennett Commentary,

Some Reflections on Health Care Reform saying, “Examining the core values at issue in the healthcare debate”

Jason Hammond presents the following article  posted at FreeOrBound

Strong defense is vital for peace & prosperity saying, “The current administration is weakening our defense and that alone threatens our prosperity as a nation and peace at home.”

Allen Scott presents the following article posted at A View from the Nest,

Save the Earth By Loving Thy Neighbor saying, “Now I am all for helping my neighbor, but by helping I just do not want to help them remain alive in their situation. I want to see their situation change for the better, therefore it is necessary to tackle the bigger issues surrounding their lot in life. Most of the aid given to these countries is like throwing a rescue ring to a drowning man and leaving him in the water.”

Money for Military presents the following article  posted at Money for Military,

Financial Reform Will Affect USAA – Please Help saying, “Hi, I’m a USAA customer and I’ve used it since I’ve been in the military. I have in the military for over 10 years and USAA has helped hundreds of thousands military members with their unique finance needs. The new finance reform is going to impact USAA. Please help me spread the message to amend the financial reform currently in the senate by spreading my blog article. Thanks.”

Ron Mossad presents the following article posted at RonMossad,

Revolution Muslim VS South Park update: converts, tolerance, Ibrahim Hooper and self-responsibility saying, “These guys are obviously extreme examples the American melting pot gone terribly wrong, but let’s be honest with ourselves, you only need to go as far as your nearest college campus to see thousands of young Americans protesting against the very country that gave them the ability to protest it. Obviously, it’s not the same thing – but there is this tremendous undercurrent of self-hatred in this country that if left unchecked can turn into outright extremism and death threats against cartoons.”

Victoria Watson presents the following article posted at Different World

Obama’s Cannibalism of America saying, “The Obama administration is clearly cannibalizing America, taking from one person, group, or organization, and giving the pilfered assets to their own insiders and supporters.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of conservative conversations using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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