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The July 2010 CCC Blog Carnival

Posted on 08 August 2010 by Editor

Welcome to the July 2010 edition of the Naked Liberty Carnival of Conservative Conversations. As always, for our monthly Blog Carnival we select articles from a wide range of topics and expressing a broad range of opinions. This month is no exception.

Below you will find opinions, short editorials, commentaries and full articles on a variety of current topics. In addition to posting to our monthly Blog Carnival, we encourage you to submit your articles directly to our editor for possible posting on our site well in advance of the next carnival.

Please submit your articles, together with any specific attribution requirements and photograph by emailing our editor at

Scott Spiegel presents the following articles posted at Scott Spiegel,

Israel to U.S.: “You Are the Weakest Link!” saying, “The list of countries that have provided tacit support to Israel for its imminent launch of preemptive missile attacks on Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities now includes: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey, Egypt, and… not-the-United-States.”

Does Inquisitor Schumer Clandestinely Loathe Open-Speech Elections?, saying, “Since the clever acronym for Democrats’ new election fund accountability scheme is DISCLOSE, perhaps they could disclose for the American people the true intention of the bill and the consequences it will have on free speech and political advocacy during election cycles.”

Conservatives: 4½ Justices Good Enough For Us!, saying, “President Obama called arguments against Supreme Court Justice nominee Elena Kagan’s confirmation “pretty thin gruel.” That’s funny—I call no judicial experience and scant, conflicting legal theorizing in print “a short stack of hotcakes.”

Obama to Gulf Tarballs: “We Are Not Amused”, saying, “It’s no coincidence that the Tea Party movement is springing up now, 235 years after the original Boston Tea Party. Barack Obama is the closest thing this country has had to royalty since King George III. And I don’t mean that in a good way.”

Health Care Rationing: A Love Story, saying, “What kind of benevolent dictator would declare his love for Britain’s stingy, depressing, complicated, cold and arbitrary National Health Service by describing it as “generous, hopeful, confident, joyous and just”?”

Obama Schedules Beer Summit With Ben Jealous and Andrew Breitbart, saying, “The NAACP was once a pioneer in spearheading crucial and controversial civil rights work, culminating in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Since then, the NAACP has distinguished itself as a water carrier for every racist fringe element in society but the KKK.”

I Guess Tax Cuts Stimulate the Economy After All, saying, “Now that it’s become obvious to everyone except Paul Krugman that runaway government spending does not mystically create wealth, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has been caught admitting to the House Financial Services Committee last Thursday, 18 months after the stimulus bill failed, “Extending the Bush tax cuts will strengthen the economy.””

Pelosi Lauds “Most Ethical Congress in Herstory”, saying, “In 2006 Congressional Democrats campaigned on the conceit that Republicans were corrupt up to their coke-filled noses and incapable of governing so much as a taco stand, and that the country was yearning for a breath of fresh air from the party that brought us Gary Condit, William Jefferson, Cynthia McKinney, Jim McGreevey, John Murtha, Eliot Spitzer, and Eric Massa.”

Andrew Syrios presents the following articles posted at

Nullification and Civil Disobedience

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: The Male-Female Wage Gap Myth

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: Income Stagnation

The BP Spill Has Been Capped… Now Cap and Trade? – Gulf Oil Spill – Global Warming – Barack Obama

Jason Hammond presents the following articles posted at FreeOrBound,

Washington Weakens Defense Posture Again saying, “Our spineless leaders in both parties think it is best to cut defense when we need it the most.”

Islam’s Jihad: War Against The West saying, “Our spineless leaders in both parties think it is best to cut defense when we need it the most.”

Another Tax Lie Revealed saying, “Yet another lie about what the Administration’s definition of a tax versus the American citizen.”

Approval of Kagan: Objection! saying, “Kagan is about the worst person to approve to our highest court.”

START Treaty Should Not Be Ratified saying, “This START Treaty is a farce and is not worthy of a Senate ratification.”

Izgad presents the following articles posted at Izgad,

Stanley Fish, Arizona and the Depoliticized Classroom saying, “I argue for the importance of a de-politicized classroom as a necessary ingredient of a peaceful societal discourse. At the same time, I see the necessity that a willingness to accept the legitimacy of the government and the Constitution as being likewise necessary and outside the issue of politics.”

De-Citizenship Trials in Practice: Tolerating Fred Phelps saying, “This post discusses the limits of free speech within the context of Fred Phelps of the Westboro Church.”

Mark Weaver presents the following articles posted at The RIGHT Opinions.

Governor Christie Telling it like it is?

Playing I-Spy with the gulf oil spill?

zxq9 presents the following article  posted at The Intellectual Wilderness,

The Intellectual Wilderness » Blog Archive » Largest Single American Policy Mistake I Have Witnessed saying, “Article is on a topic which is no longer at the boiling head of public discussion, but desperately needs to be examined in a non-emotional way. I explore the healthcare bill and some of its implications. I also reference an article about how populist effort in the interest of the “public good” forced me (and everyone else) to pull money out of my AIDSVax investment and collapse what could have been a major medical breakthrough. If this article is not quite what you are looking for I’ll just try you again later. Most of my writing is non-partisan and pragmatist, but that tends to stand in opposition to the current US and UK left.”

Aaron Dinsdale presents the following article posted at The Going Green Site!

The Incompatibility Of Going Green and Greed saying, “If there’s anything that the recent Gulf of Mexico oil disaster has taught me, it’s that many of the ideas and well founded goals of going green and becoming eco-friendly are simply out of reach for the world – at it’s current state of thinking. Pure simple economics are a testament to that fact. The world’s economic engine runs on greed at it’s core. Nations have been competing in this arena since the dawn of time, and now we’re finally facing the butcher’s bill. How?”

Paul Gable presents the following article posted at Paul Gable

The Spirit of the Declaration Will Prevail

Eric Napier presents the following article posted at

In Defense of Property Rights

Mark Graybill presents the following article posted at War Sporks

Proposition 8: Why is Government Defining Marriage?

This concludes this edition of our Carnival. Submit your blog articles to the next edition of carnival of conservative conversations using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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