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The February 2010 CCC Blog Carnival

Posted on 10 November 2010 by Editor

Originally posted 2010-02-09 00:35:36. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Welcome to the February 2010 edition of the Carnival of Conservative Conversations. As always, for our monthly Blog Carnival we select articles from a wide range of topics and expressing a broad range of opinions. This month is no exception. Below you will find opinions, short editorials, commentaries and full articles on a variety of current topics. In addition to posting to our monthly Blog Carnival, we encourage you to submit your articles directly to our editor for possible posting on our site well in advance of the next carnival. Please submit your articles, together with any specific attribution requirements and photograph by emailing our editor at


Scott Spiegel presents the following articles posted at Scott Spiegel:

Reid to African Americans: “I Come Too Far From Where I Started From” Health Care Bill Kicks Off Farewell Tour in Bay State Dems Weigh Options: Senate-Packing, Queen Olympia, Mass Kidnapping Bernanke: Too Big Not to Fail Incinerating a Hot Potato

Wenchypoo presents the following articles posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket

D-I-Y Economic Reform–Starving the Evil Piggies and says “All political categories can do this.” This Just In: These Are Supposed to Be Social Security Fixes?

smrtas1 presents the following articles posted at Conservative Patriot HQ

Obama Proposes New Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee White House Clueless Over Scott Brown Win in Massachusetts

David Olms presents the following article posted at Landforms of the World

Landforms of the Earth

Dana presents the following article posted at Roscommon Acres

Homeschooled kids: Did they fall through the cracks?

Heather Sanders presents the following article posted at Masters in Management

10 Tips to Help You Manage Like FDR Did

bball3345 presents the following article posted at Borderless World

Illegal Immigrants Good, Minimum Wage Bad

TheWashingtonMistress presents the following article posted at THE WASHINGTON MISTRESS

Hell Stands Poised to Consume S.F. and says “This is a satirical article written with a conservative slant regarding the recent disappearance of the sea lions from San Fransisco

Bradley Hankins presents the following article posted at Bradley Hankins

Obama’s Failed Promise and says “If you cannot keep such an easy promise, how can we trust you at all?

Ottens presents the following article posted at Atlantic Sentinel

Deregulate the Banks! and says “In a truly free market, failure is possible and consumers are aware of the risk—with the result that they rationally and voluntarily assume less of it. What the US economy needs is not more government oversight. What is needs is more personal responsibility.”

Steven and Debra present the following article posted at The END TIMES Hoax

The END TIMES Hoax: Airline Passenger Profiling: Why Not Do It Yourself (DIY)? , and they say “Would you get on a plane with this guy?

That concludes this edition. Please submit your article to the next edition of Carnival of Conservative Conversations using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.
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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Steven and Debra Says:

    Thanks for including our piece on airline passenger profiling in your carnival!

  2. Steven Lamston Says:

    Thanks for publishing this very interesting compedium of articles. I look forward to your monthly postings of this blog carnival.

  3. The Washington Mistress Says:

    Thanks for adding us to the blog carnival. We have added your blog to our blogroll.

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