We welcome our readers to the Naked Liberty blog.

I’d like to share with you my expectations and objectives for this forum. Whereas many authors already publish blogs that take on specific national issues, policies and agendas, defending or opposing one viewpoint or another, I will instead attempt to lay down context to issues that I think the readers will be able to easily identify with. The issues discussed will be timely and relevant. We will discuss them in a way that will connect them to you in a direct and unambiguous way. You will be induced to think about them, because you will clearly understand how they affect your own life, and the lives of those in your immediate surroundings.

I will state from the beginning that articles published in Naked Liberty will have a clear identity with core conservative thought. I believe that our national dialog should always relate to the very core principals that allow us to have such a dialog in the first place. And that, my friends, channels us to the founding principals of our Constitution.

A conversation without context is just plain jibber-jabber. An opinion without reference to something that grounds it in facts, whether historical or scientific, holds no more value than a whimsical thought. Naked Liberty will surface issues of our times and debate them in the context of a grounding in a strong foundation that will bring meaning and substance to the discussion. We will all be enriched through this conversation because, in the end, we will be discussing that which is most important to all of us, regardless of our cultural background or religion — we will be discussing our families, our nation and our values.

I encourage all to take part in this conversation. Feel free to comment on the published articles, referenced links, videos and other materials. Become part of the community that cares about the conditions of our lives and show your involvement through thoughtful and introspective sharing of your ideas and opinions. The naked truth, thoughtfully expressed, will always stand out against the background of confused rhetoric.

If you would like to publish an article in Naked Liberty, please send an email including a brief synopsis of your article to editor@nakedliberty.com.

To place ads on our blog, please contact our editor at editor@nakedliberty.com.

Norbert Sluzewski

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