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Meet the New Boss—Ollie Garchy

Posted on 10 April 2011 by Editor

Originally posted 2009-07-31 20:18:14. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

by Wenchypoo
July 19, 2009

Meet Ollie, or Oligarchy, as he’s formally known as.

What is an oligarchy? It’s a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few (according to Dictionary.com).

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the political and business goings-on, our country is becoming One Nation Under ACORN, Goldman-Sachs, G.E., AIG, and soon to be Wally-World.

Pretty much all power in this country, including utility power (and probably our personal power too), is being consolidated into a few key areas. This is steps 2 and 3 in the political career longevity path.

The consolidation has gotten so bad that our politicians are no longer reading legislation, sometimes not even completing the bill writing, before they go to vote on it. This is like trying to operate a nuke plant without so much as an instruction manual!

But this is what it takes to pass an unpopular agenda—an agenda so egregious, it would set back economic progress 50-100 years—in the name of social justice for a few. This is also what it takes to maintain power while making an end-run around Congress and the constitutionally-derived checks and balances created by our Founding Fathers.

Corruption has become art form. Now we all have to learn how to make this new art form function in our lives, or go mad fighting it. I don’t know about you, but I have the Loony Bin on speed-dial, and reservations have already been made for my eventual residence.

What really kills me (and probably you, too) is the fact that there are so many end-runs we ourselves can make to avoid suffering through a lot of this nonsense. If I, a lowly unemployed housewife, can come up with avoidance tactics, why can’t trained legal minds (like the ones in Congress or the White House) see them too?

But I digress…let’s get back to the Ollie part—businesses on their knees in front of the Oval Office. They obviously don’t see a way out for themselves without total collapse and/or destruction of the empires so carefully built to this day, so they’ve sold their souls (and their clientele) into “universal” and “green” captivity. The Ollies feel there is no other way to survive that to bend to Obama’s will and agenda, and do their best to carry it out—this was most recently evident with the announcement of Wally-World’s sustainability index creation and the re-vamping of their vendors to meet this index.

You ask me, I say this is smokescreen to get us away from the sudden reversal of Wally-World’s decision regarding acceptance of universal health care. Wally sees the writing on the wall: a government-paid public option would drastically reduce his own health insurance expenses per employee to more closely match his chief competitor, Target. To avoid proposed taxation of those benefits, he has switched horses in mid-stream, and changed from blue-vested yellow smiley faces to green and indexed to sustainability, in hopes of capturing idiots who have more dollars than sense, and chase after these marketing concepts. These “green” products that pass muster will also come with a higher profit margin to Wally (and higher prices to you)—haven’t you figured this out yet?

Another nail in the coffin: the bottoming of CIT Financial–de facto home of small business loans everywhere. No small business loans, no more retail business–and you can kiss Christmas shopping goodbye! Christmas merchandise ordering gets done this month, but without financing…well, you know. Now you get a better understanding of why Wally wants to go green–WE THE PEOPLE will become Wally’s (and other retailers’) new CIT Financial.

Wally, for one retailer, has lost its way. Providing value for the consumer is no longer profitable, in spite of all the technological, supply chain, and retail theory advances—it has all come back down to margin per unit. Going green is providing “political value” to the consumer instead, and at such a cost.

I’m sure it’s the same at the other Ollies, too—charging more per unit, providing less real value per unit, and tangibility is forever gone, replaced with intricate marketing maneuvers and clever language.

I’ve noticed that pretty much all Ollies are the same, including Congress and the states: they’re loathe to reduce spending to get it under revenue income, so they find ways to jack up the income (through increased and invented taxes, increased prices, less selection, smaller sizes, etc.) without thinking we would find ways to avoid paying the increases.

Ollie may think he’s clever, but we are too. I hope he has a backup plan in case his first gambit fails—and it will if I know the American spirit. If someone is stupid enough to stand and take it, then they get what they deserve.

How can we kill off Ollie? With votes. We…well, enough of us voted this disaster into office, and we can vote it out–one cast of characters at a time. As for the rest of Ollie, we can vote with out wallets and choose not to play their games. They’ll get the message, and shift accordingly or die off altogether.

When you think about it, have you ever seen an Ollie without a Kukula and Fran nearby? Take away Fran and Kukula, and Ollie doesn’t survive alone—he needs an audience. Take your cue and walk out on him, using your votes (both kinds).


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Wenchypoo writes for the Wechwisdom blog

Article has been published with permission

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